Combined Pumps is a Leader in Underground Construction and Site Dewatering.

No other firm offers a wider selection of dewatering products than Combined Pumps, whether you're building, maintaining, or repairing. Additionally, our heavy-duty pumps are used in pipeline and utility construction, two of the most important infrastructure projects worldwide.

Construction tasks include:

Renting pumps from Combined Pumps is an excellent way to lower water tables, dewater the ground, or remove stormwater from your site. You can depend on Combined Pumps to provide dependable goods and services for:

Dewatering pumps are necessary at the majority of building sites. Sometimes the pumps are still there
after you’ve finished your work. If correctly managed, rain and groundwater from the neighborhood can
flood the entire site. Additionally, water may be able to infiltrate the site if excavation is done below the
water table. With pumps, equipment, and services accessible for purchase or rental around-the-clock,
Combined Pumps is there for the duration of your construction dewatering needs and understands your
daily struggle.

We remove more than simply water at Combined Pumps. We take away your concern about water so you may concentrate on the task at hand. Combined Pumps product range can achieve flowrates from 10 Liter/Hour up to 500 Liter/Minute with pressures ranging from 0psi to 30,000psi.