Combined Seals are part of the Combined pumps group. They are a bespoke group capable of running small batch or large batch of a wide range of seals and o rings. Utilising industry recognised Sealmaker equipment Combine Seals manufactures all of combined pumps seals inhouse. This allows for better quality control but also better inventory management. Combined Seals have the capability of manufacturing a wide variety of seals in many different compounds:

Combined Seals have many years experience not only manufacturing seals for use in Combined Pumps but also serving the industry manufacturing seals for small batch testing and R&D to large repeat batch of seals for return customers.

Seals can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, from Polyurethane known for it’s versatility and wear resistance to AFLAS and PTFE for the high temperature applications.

So regardless of requirement in polymer seals Combined Seals ltd are capable of providing a seal solution.

Combined Seals Ltd.