Manufacturing Industry rental solutions

Every industry and process is different but they all share the need for reliable utilities like Consistent & sustainable water management.

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For all of your planned short-term tasks or unforeseen emergencies, rely on Combine Pumps Rental. Even while each sector and process is unique, they all need Consistent & sustainable water management.
Combined pumps have an extensive range of products and can deliver flow rates from 10 Liter/Hour up to 500 Liter/Minute with pressures ranging from 0psi to 30,000 psi. With Combined Pumps in house seal manufacturing facility pumps can also be designed with different seal systems depending on the medium being pumped. The pumps can be used for low volume high accuracy injection systems or high volume fluid transfer. Whatever the need we are confident we have a product to suit.

Food & Beverage

Consistent & sustainable water management for all your food & beverage plant requirements.


Our wide range of pumps meets the highest standards of purity for the glass manufacturing.


Our pumps ensure a dependable supply that is conditioned to your precise requirements for all metalworking and metallurgy processes.

PET Industry

Because high quality pump solution is crucial for every bottle blowing process.


Our 100% ISO certified pumps meet the strictest standards

Pulp & Paper

In order to keep production schedules nearly continuous, you need equipment that is highly reliable and working at peak performance.


We've created high efficiency pumps for the textile industry's extremely delicate production processes.

Waste Water Treatment

We are able to provide pumps that are customized to your demands for a variety of applications because of our significant expertise supplying waste water treatment equipment to customers all over the world.