P1 Pump series

  1. The P1 series pumps are small accurate pneumatically driven, single air drive, double acting, reciprocating positive displacement pumps producing near continuous flows. The P1 is the most versatile chemical injection pump in the series. It can be modified to produce extremely low injection rates and has a range from 0.1 ltrs/hr up to 175 ltrs/hr.
  2. P1 is used primarily for Chemical injection where small accurate injection rates are required.
  3. The pump is the smallest in the fleet and weighs just 11kg.
  4. The pump can be modified and used in up to 12 different configurations changing both the chemical injection range and the pressure rating of the pump.
  5. The series has 3 different plunger sizes, each size can be used in double acting for maximum injection rates or single acting to reduce the injection rate for more accuracy.
  6. The pumps use a special hardened ceramic piston giving better chemical corrosion resistance and reduces the seal wear increasing the longevity of the pump life.
  7. The P1 can achieve injection pressures of up to 13,000 psi.

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