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Utilize Combined Pumps Technologies To Transform Mining Water Management Into A Competitive Advantage.

A comprehensive understanding of how your mining processes use water, from sourcing to dewatering to mining water treatment and reuse to everything in between, is the first step in smart water management. In order to help you boost productivity, cut costs, and transform mining water management from an expense to a competitive advantage, Combined Pumps views every step from intake through reuse as a process rather than an isolated function.

Open mine and underground mining industry solutions serve material processing processes. Throughout exploration, development, operation, and reclamation, we're devoted to integrating water transport, treatment, and testing technologies to make your job simpler and your mine more efficient.

With Combined Pumps comprehensive range of products we are confident that we have the right product to meet your needs. Our pump range can transfer fluids, or inject chemicals where needed or evacuate waste product with flowrates ranging from 10 liters/hour up to 500 liters/minute, and a pressure range from 0 psi to 30,000 psi. Combined also manufactures their own seal systems for their product giving our clients the ability to order bespoke systems for their individual needs resulting in better longevity of equipment and reduced down time.

Ensure The Availability And Quality Of Mining Water

Each mine has its own specific source of water and process water problems, usually including intake, quality, access restrictions, or effluent management. Combined Pumps creates water and mining solutions specifically for your site with pumps and systems for transport and pressure boosting, dependable dewatering, mining water treatment, and quality monitoring.

Cost-Effectively Manage Water

Combined Pumps creates solutions for the mining industry that are specifically tailored to your operations' needs. These solutions range from fire protection pumps to high-pressure and high-flow systems for dust suppression, truck washing, and general use to high-pressure pipeline mapping and leak detection systems.

Obtain Essential Assistance For Systems That Connect Mining And Water

Combined Pumps offers more than just a few essential pieces of gear and lets you handle the rest. We combine solutions in novel ways to simplify your job and boost mine efficiency as we integrate mining water management with your operation.

Deal With Compliance For The Present And The Future

Mines are under greater pressure than ever to lessen their environmental impact, and rules are constantly changing. Companies that approach water in mining applications strategically stand a higher chance of converting these systemic difficulties into competitive advantages. Combined Pumps stand noteworthy in this regard. We work with you to reevaluate how you manage mining water treatment and water reuse, track water quality and flow in real-time, and deploy practical packaged systems. Our objective is to assist you in carrying out your social and legal obligations while continuing to be profitable.

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Specialized drilling applications

We also provide a wide variety of rental packages created to satisfy the various requirements of the drilling sector. High pressure oil injected pumps that are designed for the most difficult drilling operations are among them.

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