Wastewater & Sanitation Combined Pump Solutions

Water treatment for waste. Nothing is more fundamental than that, in some ways. The wastewater
sector has revolutionized sanitation and given health to their towns, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans
by utilizing nature’s natural forces to clean the rivers and streams—air, bacteria, gravity, and light.

The requirements of today are anything but simple. Everyone must work harder while using fewer resources. Plant managers operate with minimal cash, staff, space, and energy use to keep prices reasonable. As the requirements for discharge permits get longer, you must perform more and more treatment. Fecal coliforms, BOD, COD, TSS, yes. Additionally, viruses, metals, other elements, and, predictably soon, pharmaceutical residues are present.

Older systems need to replace and upgrade original equipment. At the same time, utilities are challenged to treat smarter, squeeze more treatment out of the same footprint, reduce energy use and add advanced processes. Newer plants must predict the future, plan for expandability, and stricter limits.

The water is no longer wasted when it leaves the plant; instead, it is a valuable resource. It is prepared for reuse, sometimes directly or by downstream consumers, industries, potable water plants, or the ecology whose survival depends on your water.

With Combined Pumps wide ranging list of products there is a something to suit every need. Our equipment can handle Pressures from 0 psi up to 30,000 psi and handling flow rates from 10 liter/hour up to 500 liter/minute. This will ensure that a solution can be tailor made for most requirements in the industry thus ensuring better efficiency and longer life of the equipment.

Recycling Needs of Waste Water:

All water users must use their water wisely and consider every drop. In order to minimize their water
impact, industries are exploring for ways to recycle water many times before discharging it.
Municipalities, especially those in locations with limited water resources, are also attempting to prepare
water for reuse, mostly for non-potable applications like irrigation and agriculture that don’t require
potable levels of treatment. Since wastewater treated to discharge levels is frequently purer than the
receiving stream and requires less treatment than raw water drawn from downstream, some localities
are even considering the notion of direct potable reuse.

Our pumps are effective for wastewater. Call us today to learn more.

Desalination & Water Treatment

Desalination is sometimes the only way to provide communities and businesses with drinkable water in water-stressed regions of the world near salty or brackish water supplies. Pumps for desalination are offered at Combined Pumps. Call us today to learn more.

In addition to having a wide range of pump solutions Combined Pumps manufacturers their own seals. When working in harsh environments or with corrosive liquids Combined can engineer bespoke sealing solutions for their pump range ensuring longevity of the systems and longer run times between routine or planned maintenance.