Pumping solutions for many applications in the Oil & Gas industry

At Combined Pumps, we understand how important it is to ensure stability when extracting hydrocarbons. There are many different factors that could affect the stable flow which would include but not limited to:

Combined pumps have a wide range of pumps and pump solutions that can help minimize these risks. Having serviced the Oil & Gas industry for more than 20 years we understand what is required in a product to provide the correct solution to resolve an issue. Our pumps are manufactured to the highest specification and are fitted with the required safety systems to ensure the integrity of the pumps and surrounding equipment are not compromised. With our inhouse Seal design and manufacturing team, we can customize any pump to suit the chemical or medium being pumped.

In addition to chemical injection our pumps can be used for pressure testing purposes, which is a critical part of procedures in the Oil & Gas industry to ensure the integrity of any set up before flowing hydrocarbons.

Combined Pumps also have a range of transfer pumps, from medium flow low pressure to high flow high pressure. These can be used to transfer fluids between vessels, tanks, or a range of other operations where the movement of fluid is important but pressures or perhaps flow rates not as critical.

Combined have a team of highly skilled personnel available and ready to assist in any pumping issue or operation.

Combined Pumps extensive range of products can produce flowrates from as low as 10 Liters/Hour up to 500 Liters/Minute, with pressures ranging from 0 psi to 30,000 psi. With Combined Pumps long history and experience in the Oil & Gas sector we are confident we can find a pumping solution for all your needs.

Regardless of your application, we can assist your company.

Offshore services upstream

Our rental equipment is up to the highest requirements and is suitable for all offshore pumping applications. Chemical Injection, Pressure Testing, Fluid transfer.

Pipeline services.

Rental or sale options for all services, including pipe cleaning and dewatering.

Midstream: The LNG sector

Assisting you with 100% oil-free air for clean and safe production at every level operations.


Covering a broad range of uses in the petrochemical and refinery industries.

Integrated safety and dependability

We have a wealth of knowledge regarding all pertinent international standards.

Our gear is developed with API specifications in mind, and it is planned, built, and tested to meet with ISO 9001 regulations. We can offer corrosion-proof solutions for maritime environments, DNV-2.7-1 certified frames for offshore deployment, and offshore-operating certified pumps.

Additionally, our 100% air driven pneumatic pumps removing any ignition source in a combustible environment. You can maximize uptime, prevent contamination and inaccurate readings, and ensure trouble-free equipment operation by using air driven pneumatic pumps.